2017 Wine & Weed Symposium

Exploring the Opportunities & Issues that the Legalization of Cannabis Presents to the California Wine Industry

August 3rd, Santa Rosa, CA


The legalization of Cannabis in California will undoubtedly have an impact on the wine industry, but in what ways?

This one day conference will explore, in depth, what the California wine industry can expect the impact to be over the next year and what opportunities, as well as threats, will exist.

The conference will feature experts from both categories to discuss what’s actually legal and what’s not as well as regulations around licensing, hospitality, growing and other topics of interest. Wine & Weed will also examine other states who have legalized cannabis and highlight the realities they have experienced.



  • Competing for land, labor & water
  • The legalities of growing & selling cannabis
  • Growing cannabis in the vineyard
  • The costs & profits associated with growing cannabis
  • Cannabis & wine hospitality
  • Learning from the wineries in states where cannabis is legal
  • Cannabis infused wine
  • The banking industry’s perspective on new regulations
  • What wine regions can expect over the next 12 months
  • More...

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When Will Registration Be Open?

Registration will be available on April 20, 2017

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Why Attend the Wine & Weed Symposium?

The Cannabis and Wine Industry have more in common than what one might see at first glance. Both industries are based in rural areas with a major emphasis on agriculture and quality. Place of origin / AVA is an important differentiator for both categories.

To a significant degree, they share a common consumer and will be overseen by the same government agency. Like the wine industry, the cannabis industry will also be heavily regulated and because of that, will experience tremendous overlap with regard to legal, financial, compliance and distribution regulations.

Additionally, the Cannabis Industry is looking to model the wine industry in areas such as destination marketing, hospitality and direct to consumer programs and experiential marketing.

As a result, both will compete for visitor attention and dollars in California’s most notable wine regions like Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, Lake, Humboldt, San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, Lodi Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz counties as well as the Sierra Foothills and more.

Everyone in the wine industry, whether an owner, winemaker, salesperson, hospitality manager, grower, admin, should attend this conference - regardless of whether or not you have specific plans to work in or with the Cannabis Industry. This is an opportunity to learn from experts the cost of entry and what you can and can not to do. It’s also a chance for wine professionals to better understand the inevitable competition for consumer attention, human resources and potentially, real estate. Wine & Weed will help make sure you understand the evolving business landscape and how best to prepare.

Sponsorship and Exhibiting Opportunities

Trade Show

The Wine & Weed Symposium will also host a small, select tabletop trade show featuring vendors offering products and services specifically relevant to wineries and Grapegrowers interested in expanding into this explosive market.


Sponsorship Opportunities will be made available in March.

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